viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Stranger ♫

Esta canción seria perfecta para el soundtrack de The statistical probability of love at first sight, escuchenla, lean el libro y despues me dicen si creen lo mismo :D

Stranger  'til I hear your laughter
 Crazy, cause you're all I'm after
 It's a pleasure, it was nice to have met you
 And I'll remember to never forget you

Cause when I'm excited
I don't hide it just to let you know
I'm fellin' you baby
From bottom to the top
 How could I not stop to say hello

So hello there
How are you? amazing
It is nice to finally meet you
I've been patently waiting
Been waiting just to see you
 To tell you I dreamt you
 Now I found you so call off that search
 Cause I found my stranger

'til they call your name
It's amazing
It's just a simple thing
I see you walking
But don't you walk too far
I may be nervous
I wanna be where you are

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